Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2 Years Old

Our little boy turned 2 a few weeks ago (okay, like a month ago) and I am still in a little bit of shock. We had a little birthday gathering with a few close friends and family the weekend before his actual birthday and on the actual day, Steve took the day off of work and all four of us spent the morning at the MN Zoo! Frankie was well loved for his birthday and thoroughly enjoyed his party. He is turning into such a big boy!

Here are few tidbits into what he is into these days:
- Loves trains! He helps build the track and then can spend hours playing with the trains.
- Loves tractors and trucks!
- Can speak in 3-5 work sentances
- Knows the words to "Happy Birthday", "Row Row Row Your Boat", and "Ring Around The Rosy"
- Favorite Song: Hooked On A  Feeling "The Oogy Chaka" song
- Lion King is the current movie of choice - we have gone through a Frozen, Finding Nemo and a Happy Feet phase in the past 6 months
- Has been talking about using the potty!
- Still a book fiend! Moving past the board books to books with more words
- If he can be outside he is at his happiest - especially at the park going down the slide
- Tacos are his favorite food after anything breakfast
- Frequently picks his Aaron Rogers jersey to wear (which melts his Dad's heart)
- Tells his Dad "Pack Go" frequently (again melts his Dad's heart)
- He is the biggest sweetheart
- LOVES to give kisses to his sister

Steve and I are in awe at how he is turning into such a little boy! Our baby is growing up and we are very proud of him. It will be a crazy ride to see how year 3 goes...wish us luck!!

2 Year Photos

Over the course of 2 months, we saw a a lot of Jackie from Live & Love Studios! We did maternity photos, newborn photos, and we had her take photos of Frankie for his 2nd birthday. With all the sessions with Jackie, Frankie knew who she was and was comfortable for the session. Jackie truly captured Frankie's personality in these photos and I am so thrilled with how they turned out!! Here are a few favorites: 


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Newborn Photos: Lois

Jackie from Live and Love Studios came over when Lois was one week old and took some fantastic photos!

Frankie loves his sister!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Maternity Photos

Here are a few of our lovely maternity photos that were taken by Jackie at Live & Love Studios,
I was 36 weeks pregnant with baby girl. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

From Frankie:


Hope everyone is doing well! We are all loving the nice weather and outside is the favorite of Frankie and Kirby so we are out there a lot (and I am not complaining!). 

The new house is becoming more and more like home. Photos and a better update on all that fun stuff coming soon!

Happy Thursday!

Friday, February 27, 2015

We are alive!!

Oh my goodness! My last post was in October...and now February of 2015 is coming to an end!!!!!!!! I promise that we are all doing well and, other than a week or two with nasty colds, we have been healthy.

I won't lie, it has been a crazy few months. And thinking back on this, as I am snuggled in bed watching Hallmark movies (don't judge), can't believe at all that has happened. Here is a quick (or as quick as it can be for 3+ months of happenings) recap with a few photos:

- Frankie and I traveled to SD to visit the farm and his great-grandpa. We went with Grandma & Grandpa Herrmann and my brother and his two kids joined in the fun. It was a weekend to work the cattle and Frankie and I assisted by having the table set for lunch or dinner and the food ready to go. All the others (even Brody & Sophie) were out helping with the cattle. Frankie enjoyed being on the farm and exploring via foot or on the 4-wheeler.

- Halloween! It was cold. We didn't take babe trick-or-treating but managed to capture a few photos of our pirate. I will admit that we didn't even get him a costume! The pirate hat was a birthday gift for him. Next year he will be at a better age to get a costume and enjoy the evening.

- Wedding time! Frankie and I were blessed to be a part of the wedding of two people that are extremely important to us: Heather & Dan! The day went off with one hitch *wink*. And Frankie was a trooper. The day wasn't a shining moment for how happy of a babe he usually is but everyone was so incredibly understanding, even with the tears and screams.

- Thanksgiving came without much excitement this year. We stayed home since neither Steve nor I had additional vacation to spare for additional days and it was nice. It was low-key except that we found out we were pregnant! Baby #2 decided to surprise us but no one knew except us for a while. It was a hard secret to keep!


- December was filled with the hubby kindly putting up a few Christmas decorations and fun times with friends. We were minimalists when it came to decorations this year and I was okay with that. Usually I am all about Christmas decorations, but I had limited to no energy for that with Baby #2 growing and the less that Frankie could potentially destroy the better. Frankie did get to meet Santa. I was impressed that we didn't have screams or tears in the photo! There was a Polar Bear too, I think he enjoyed the bear more than Santa.

 - The Christmas holidays were fun and Frankie kind of figured out opening his gifts which was entertaining. We told our parents over the holidays about Baby #2 and they were more than thrilled! It was fun to finally share our excitement with others. I didn't take too many photos for the holidays but we had a fun time! I spent much of my time off in between Christmas and New Year's organizing and cleaning our house which is as exciting as it sounds (I did manage a few naps in there too). We had a cranky Frankie for New Year's so I went over to a friends house and saw some wonderful people that I hadn't seen in ages! It was fun and I was home early enough to still be in bed and asleep by 10PM - that is the life of a pregnant woman.

 - January flew by with getting ready for our house to go on the market. HUGE step for us since I don't do well change (especially big change). Keeping a house clean and picked up with a toddler and pup is a bit challenging, but we managed. We got to see Baby #2 in January! I always love ultrasounds - they are just so amazing to see the little human growing inside of you.


- February! The month of love! Steve and I celebrated one of the few anniversaries we remember: our first date. It was Valentine's Day eons ago! So we re-watched the movie we saw and it still makes us both smile and laugh. Thankfully, someone decided they loved our house and gave us an offer! We were thrilled! It was getting so hard to plan/prepare for anything not knowing how long the house was going to be on the market or when showings were going to happen. Once it sold, we spent a crazy week looking at houses and trying to find our next home. Which we did! And are in the process of getting it all figured out. Prayers that it continues to go smoothly.


Oofta! If you made it this far, I am impressed!!! March is a couple days away and we are approaching the halfway point of this pregnancy which means we will finally know the gender of our sweet baby #2! I can't wait. :-)

I keep saying I am going to be better about updating this but with moving and another baby coming, I won't make any promises. If I don't get back here for a while, hope life treats you well!

Much love to all.