Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2 Years Old

Our little boy turned 2 a few weeks ago (okay, like a month ago) and I am still in a little bit of shock. We had a little birthday gathering with a few close friends and family the weekend before his actual birthday and on the actual day, Steve took the day off of work and all four of us spent the morning at the MN Zoo! Frankie was well loved for his birthday and thoroughly enjoyed his party. He is turning into such a big boy!

Here are few tidbits into what he is into these days:
- Loves trains! He helps build the track and then can spend hours playing with the trains.
- Loves tractors and trucks!
- Can speak in 3-5 work sentances
- Knows the words to "Happy Birthday", "Row Row Row Your Boat", and "Ring Around The Rosy"
- Favorite Song: Hooked On A  Feeling "The Oogy Chaka" song
- Lion King is the current movie of choice - we have gone through a Frozen, Finding Nemo and a Happy Feet phase in the past 6 months
- Has been talking about using the potty!
- Still a book fiend! Moving past the board books to books with more words
- If he can be outside he is at his happiest - especially at the park going down the slide
- Tacos are his favorite food after anything breakfast
- Frequently picks his Aaron Rogers jersey to wear (which melts his Dad's heart)
- Tells his Dad "Pack Go" frequently (again melts his Dad's heart)
- He is the biggest sweetheart
- LOVES to give kisses to his sister

Steve and I are in awe at how he is turning into such a little boy! Our baby is growing up and we are very proud of him. It will be a crazy ride to see how year 3 goes...wish us luck!!

2 Year Photos

Over the course of 2 months, we saw a a lot of Jackie from Live & Love Studios! We did maternity photos, newborn photos, and we had her take photos of Frankie for his 2nd birthday. With all the sessions with Jackie, Frankie knew who she was and was comfortable for the session. Jackie truly captured Frankie's personality in these photos and I am so thrilled with how they turned out!! Here are a few favorites: