Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Photo Series: 4 Months!

Our baby boy is growing! I feel like I say that a lot but it's the truth!! Last week at his check-up he weighed in at 15.1 pounds and measured 27.5 inches long. Doctor said he is looking good! I managed to hold off on moving him into his 9 month clothes until last night and that was stretching it. He will be a little more comfortable now that his clothes won't be so tight.

We celebrated Steve's favorite holiday this past month: Thanksgiving. Lucky for Steve, he got to celebrate it twice! Once in Mound with the Singers and then we traveled to Bonesteel to celebrate with the Herrmanns. I am sure through the years, it will become Frankie's favorite holiday too. I am hoping to put a post together of pictures and stories from Thanksgiving so I won't dwell on it any longer.

Other great things that Frankie has been up to during his 4th month include:
  - Found his feet and they are amazing!
  - No longer being swaddled at night - sleeping free as my Dad calls it
  - Finally met his Uncle Stephen
  - LOVES to pet Kirby
  - Occasionally he will giggle uncontrollably when he gets Kirby kisses [most adorable thing ever]
  - Competes with Kirby over who drools more
  - Getting pretty good at rolling over
  - His sitting up and standing skills are improving
  - Tummy time is progressing and I am sure it won't be long until he is on the move
  - Went to the ranch for the first time - traveled pretty well for how long we were in the car
  - Has the best giggles!
  - Kirby loves Frankie and Frankie loves Kirby - their interaction is so much fun to watch
  - Favorite thing to do is watch football with Dad
  - Loves to chew on his Manhattan toy

Steve and I are enjoying this age and watching him grow! It is so much fun. We would be okay if he slept a little better at night but we are hopeful that it will be improving soon.

Some of our favorite times spent together are on a Saturday morning, all four of us snuggled in bed and Frankie giggling away. Those are some of the greatest memories. I cherish those moments and I know Steve does too.

Let's see what month 5 brings!

Can you tell he was giggling up a storm before this?
He goes stone cold when the camera comes out.

After about 20 minutes and two grown women making fools
of themselves - he smiled for the camera!

Kristina getting some snuggles in after
our little photo shoot