Sunday, November 17, 2013

Photo Series: 3 Months!

Our little guy is already 3 months old! He is definitely not slowing down in his growing. Here's to hoping we don't have to switch over to 9 month clothing until Christmas...UPDATE: he won't make it much past Thanksgiving before the 9 months clothes will be out.

Over the past month, our little guy has gotten very smiley but sometimes he can be such a stinker and you really have to work for it. He is all about moving - if he is awake he is moving. The "bobble head" is slowly going away as his neck gets stronger. Don't get me wrong, he does face plant into your collarbone or face everyone once and a while. The hands have found his mouth: talk about entertainment! He will just stare at his hands and then "bam!" into the mouth (or so he tries, it may take a time or two before it actually gets into the mouth). Slowly, he is figuring out he has feet so I know it won't be long until those are in his mouth too.

The past few days have been filled with hand gnawing so I am wondering if there isn't some teeth movement going on. Not anticipating anything popping through but he definitely has some discomfort. If you like stories, he is really good at telling them. He adds new sounds or coos every so often which is just so fun to hear.

Back in October, Frankie had his first trip to Marshall and first few nights sans Mom & Dad. Before I went back to work I told Steve that I wanted to get away for a night or two just the two of us. My Mom took Frankie to Marshall (that way my Dad got to spend some time with him too) and said that he traveled like a champ and had a great time at their house. He even gave them a full nights sleep, sleeping from about 9PM - 5AM! Steve and I were a little jealous since he had only done that for us one time so far. We enjoyed our little trip up north even though it was like 30 degrees and snowing. It was nice to have time for the two of us without a crying baby and were able to sleep in! Oh man, was that nice, but we did miss our babies.

Steve and I were about as proud as we could be of our 3 month old when he gave us 5 consecutive nights of sleeping until past 5AM! The first couple times we both woke up and were like "I am sorry, I didn't wake up with him last night" and then we realized that neither of us did! We did a happy dance. And after a couple nights of uninterrupted sleep, Steve and I began to feel like humans again. :-) Of course it was short lived and now he has been having a tough time at night but at least we know a full night sleep is possible!

I am back at work and it has been an adjustment. I miss the babe and the pup but I know they are where they need to be and I am where I need to be. We are very lucky to have Steve's Dad available to be "Grandpa Daycare" which I feel has made my transition back to work easier. I still rush home as quick as can to get kisses from my puppy and giggles from my babe. Life is good.

Not really into looking at the camera

Kirby was helping

So long!

My sweet little boy

Found that hand...

Happy man!

Frankie's Baptism

It was a very special day for all of us and Frankie cooperated so well during the little service. Although, he gave the Pastor quite a look when he started to pour water on his head, he didn't fuss or cry.

We have found a church that we are excited to attend and we were thrilled to have little Francis baptized there. The church we attend is quite large so there was the possibility of up to two others being baptized during the same service but thankfully it ended up only being us. The baptism service was after the Saturday night church service and it was a very intimate and special baptism service for Frankie.

All of Frankie's grandparents were able to be there as well as his Aunt Christy, Uncle Matt, and cousins Madison and Ava, his "Uncle" Andrew, and, of course, his godparents: Kevin & Ann and Heather & Dan. His godparents are individuals that are very near and dear to both Steve and I; we are excited for them to forever be a part of Frankie's journey through life.

After the baptism service, we had everyone over to our house for some delicious food that Mama Herrmann made. It was such a great evening celebrating this wonderful event and enjoying the company of wonderful family and friends.

Parents & Godparents

Frankie & all his Godparents
Ann, Kevin, Heather & Dan

Frankie with Grandma Nancy & Grandpa Jim
Frankie with Grandma Deb & Grandpa Dan

Of course he starts crying for Andrew

Pastor Peter

Our little family

DQ cake...yum!

Matt, Christy, Madison & Ava

Grandma Deb & Grandpa Dan with 3 out of their 5 grandchildren

Hanging with his man Dan
"What are you looking at?"

Frankie in his gown
which was made by Grandma Deb
from part of her wedding dress

Carving & Cocktails!

Halloween, in past years, hasn't been much of a holiday for Steve and I. We always buy candy to hand out to the little kids that come trick-or-treating but we haven't ever done pumpkin carving or anything. Well, this year we were lucky enough to be invited over to Kevin & Ann's for an evening of carving pumpkins and yummy Halloween themed cocktails! Frankie joined us for the evening sporting his skeleton onesie (which is about as close to a costume we had for him this year).

The night was fabulous! Not having carved pumpkins in YEARS, I thought Steve's Shrek and my Wicked pumpkins turned out pretty well. Ann was kind enough to even carve a little pumpkin for the little man. It was so cute! The night in general was great; good friends, great conversation, lots of laughter, fabulous food, and yummy cocktails. Here's to hoping that this becomes an annual event (*hint hint Kleins*)!

As for the actual day of Halloween, Steve was in-charge of handing out candy this year and there were about 30-40 trick-or-treaters that stopped by. That is about average for us since we live in an older neighborhood, nonetheless according to Steve, there were some pretty adorable costumes that stopped by. I was in charge of the pup and the babe which made it an interesting night for me. The pup just wanted to help hand out candy and meet all the little kids! He was not a fan of being stuck in the basement with me and Frank. Frank couldn't decide if he wanted to be happy or if he wanted to ruin my hearing for a few hours. :-) Staying in the warm basement was okay with me though, since I have a feeling this is the last year of that for a while - next year we will probably be out wandering the neighborhood with a toddler and a puppy...

Andrew finally meeting Frankie!
A couple of Frankie's favorite people

Craftsman at work

Carving fun!

Big Shrek
Little Shrek
Pumpkin Shrek
& Kevin
The finish products
Frankie's pumpkin compliments of Ann

By Steve
By Kevin

The Singer Family pumpkins

Amanda & Frankie after her first day back at work

Happy Halloween!