Sunday, November 17, 2013

Frankie's Baptism

It was a very special day for all of us and Frankie cooperated so well during the little service. Although, he gave the Pastor quite a look when he started to pour water on his head, he didn't fuss or cry.

We have found a church that we are excited to attend and we were thrilled to have little Francis baptized there. The church we attend is quite large so there was the possibility of up to two others being baptized during the same service but thankfully it ended up only being us. The baptism service was after the Saturday night church service and it was a very intimate and special baptism service for Frankie.

All of Frankie's grandparents were able to be there as well as his Aunt Christy, Uncle Matt, and cousins Madison and Ava, his "Uncle" Andrew, and, of course, his godparents: Kevin & Ann and Heather & Dan. His godparents are individuals that are very near and dear to both Steve and I; we are excited for them to forever be a part of Frankie's journey through life.

After the baptism service, we had everyone over to our house for some delicious food that Mama Herrmann made. It was such a great evening celebrating this wonderful event and enjoying the company of wonderful family and friends.

Parents & Godparents

Frankie & all his Godparents
Ann, Kevin, Heather & Dan

Frankie with Grandma Nancy & Grandpa Jim
Frankie with Grandma Deb & Grandpa Dan

Of course he starts crying for Andrew

Pastor Peter

Our little family

DQ cake...yum!

Matt, Christy, Madison & Ava

Grandma Deb & Grandpa Dan with 3 out of their 5 grandchildren

Hanging with his man Dan
"What are you looking at?"

Frankie in his gown
which was made by Grandma Deb
from part of her wedding dress

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