Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oh the random

Going back in time to share a few stories and photos, it amazes how much Frankie has changed. In these photos he hasn't figured out how to crawl and is just figuring out how to sit up on his own. The beginning of these photos date back to January...where has 2014 gone???

Keith & Frank
Clearly he had other ideas than sleep

I had a day home with Kirby and Frankie and they just melt my heart. 

Just missing Dad
Kirby is helping Frank play with his toy
Snuggling together

My joy. 
The best of friends

My parents were in town for a little while so we met up and did lunch and a little shopping. Frank wasn't the happiest (the picture is misleading), Grandma got the brunt of the screams while walking around the mall to soothe the unhappy babe. She won and he eventually settled in for a little nap. As you can tell from the photo, he flashed some smiles before we left so she could have those fresh in her mind and not the screams.

Even though Kirby didn't come shopping
with us, he was apparently worn out too

We are incredibly lucky to have Kirby who is so patient with Frank. As you can see from the following photos (as well as all the other numerous photos I post of them), he tolerates a lot.

End with hugs of course

Alright, I will post more tomorrow night...good night!

Surprise from my Hubby

Back in October (or something), Steve told me he had a surprise for me and that on this particular date, I was going out and he was going to watch the boys. I was intrigued and tried to press for more information, however, he was stubborn and didn't give me any details. As the months pressed on, I would forget about this surprise evening until Steve would bring it up and start asking if I had any ideas as to what he had planned. I did not! I had no clue. He would do this periodically and it drove me nuts! I learned that this whole plan was to get back at me for teasing him about how we never do surprises... 

Well, the night arrived and Steve gave me pointers on what I would need to wear, etc. As we were getting ready to have dinner, Heather and Dan show up! I couldn't believe it! They were supposed to come the next day to hang out but they were in on the surprise! It was so great to see them. Heather was coming with me and Dad was helping babysit. 

We quickly ate and away Heather and I went, our location: The Target Center. After I learned it was the Target Center I was thinking T-Wolves game or maybe a concert of some sort. Once we arrived and got our tickets I couldn't believe it: 

Lady A! With Kasey Musgraves and Kip Moore as openers. It was soo awesome and our seats were amazing! I am one lucky girl to have such a great husband that to get back at me for teasing him, he sends me to a fantastic concert with one of my dearest friends. 

Heather and I had a great time at the show and we all hung out the next morning until Heather and Dan headed a little further south to see her brother's family. We always enjoy our times together even though they never seem long enough and seem too seldom...I can't wait for their wedding this fall!!!!!! 


Kasey Musgraves
Kip Moore
Lady A
Frankie loving up his godmother
Great moments

Super Bowl [Whoa!]

Yes. The title is correct - these are photos and stories from the Super Bowl back in FEBRUARY! I am just a little behind on posting and I could make excuses but to be honest the pictures have been stuck on my phone for a really loooooong time.  Last night I finally downloaded them onto the computer so be prepared for a slight overload of photos and stories from the past few months.

Back to the Super Bowl. We spent the afternoon and game time at the Klein residence with some awesome people! Frankie was loving his first Super Bowl until the noise level began to increase as the game began and then the tears started to flow. I quickly learned that I was going to be hanging out upstairs with the babe where it was a little quieter. I don't remember who was playing who or who even won but Frankie and I had a great time; he even got to meet Yoda! :-)

Watching the game with Mama!

Jedi in training

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Photo Series: 8 Months!

Sorry it took us a few extra days to get the photos taken and this post written...

This past month has been crazy! Frankie started crawling and after about a week of that, he decided he wanted to be standing more. So, he has been pulling himself up on anything possible and has even gotten so adventurous that he holds on with one hand! And then even tried to pick up stuff with that free hand. Once in a while, he will even let go with both hands which makes this mama nervous. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I wasn't thinking he would be trying to stand by himself already! Of course, all of the attempts at standing, etc. have led to a few bumps on the head which I am starting to believe is just the beginning…

Over the past couple weeks, we have been battling the teeth that refuse to appear. When you feel his gums, the teeth are so incredibly close to coming through but we are still waiting. These teeth have led to a few less than pleasant nights of sleep (for all parties involved), lots of drool, and a little man who just wants to cuddle. It will be a joyous day when those teeth finally appear! 

Bedtime/naptime has become a little entertaining. Frank has begun to fight off going to sleep by crawling around in his crib and pulling himself up. He continuously does this some nights until he gets so exhausted that we usually have to rock him to sleep to keep him from continuously moving. The longest he did this was 30 minutes one night. Clearly, some nights are better than others but he has given us several nights of sleeping until 5 AM, nursing, then sleeping until 7 AM! We LOVE when this happens on a Saturday or Sunday morning, the whole house is in a great mood with the extra snooze time. 

The personality of the little man is beginning to shine through. He loves to move (which is consistent with how he has been is whole life), loves to eat (another consistency) and loves to giggle & smile. 

We have moved into the 12 month clothes but still rocking the size 3 diapers. He is a goofy kid and continues to surprise us each day.

Kirby was helping get Frank to smile

Getting so tall!

Photography credit: Steve


We picked a Saturday in March, loaded up Frank & Kirby, and made our Woodbury. After a quick stop to pick up coffee for everyone (and a hot chocolate for Archer), we made it to the LeRoy's. The puppies were happy to see each other again, Archer was super excited to see Steve, and us adults were looking forward to catching up. If you were trying to do a head count, you are probably missing two - Sydney and Scarlett who are about a month younger than Frank. Yup - four kids under three, two dogs, and four adults = a great time with wonderful people.

Considering all the chaos, there weren't any major meltdowns, bumps, bruises, or anything. It was amazing! We definitely need to get together again. Steve and I wish that our families didn't live on opposite sides of the metro so we could make this happen on a more frequent basis. Here are a couple photos of the kids - maybe next time we will try to get the puppies in the pictures...

L to R: Scarlett, Frank, Archer, Sydney