Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oh the random

Going back in time to share a few stories and photos, it amazes how much Frankie has changed. In these photos he hasn't figured out how to crawl and is just figuring out how to sit up on his own. The beginning of these photos date back to January...where has 2014 gone???

Keith & Frank
Clearly he had other ideas than sleep

I had a day home with Kirby and Frankie and they just melt my heart. 

Just missing Dad
Kirby is helping Frank play with his toy
Snuggling together

My joy. 
The best of friends

My parents were in town for a little while so we met up and did lunch and a little shopping. Frank wasn't the happiest (the picture is misleading), Grandma got the brunt of the screams while walking around the mall to soothe the unhappy babe. She won and he eventually settled in for a little nap. As you can tell from the photo, he flashed some smiles before we left so she could have those fresh in her mind and not the screams.

Even though Kirby didn't come shopping
with us, he was apparently worn out too

We are incredibly lucky to have Kirby who is so patient with Frank. As you can see from the following photos (as well as all the other numerous photos I post of them), he tolerates a lot.

End with hugs of course

Alright, I will post more tomorrow night...good night!

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