Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We picked a Saturday in March, loaded up Frank & Kirby, and made our Woodbury. After a quick stop to pick up coffee for everyone (and a hot chocolate for Archer), we made it to the LeRoy's. The puppies were happy to see each other again, Archer was super excited to see Steve, and us adults were looking forward to catching up. If you were trying to do a head count, you are probably missing two - Sydney and Scarlett who are about a month younger than Frank. Yup - four kids under three, two dogs, and four adults = a great time with wonderful people.

Considering all the chaos, there weren't any major meltdowns, bumps, bruises, or anything. It was amazing! We definitely need to get together again. Steve and I wish that our families didn't live on opposite sides of the metro so we could make this happen on a more frequent basis. Here are a couple photos of the kids - maybe next time we will try to get the puppies in the pictures...

L to R: Scarlett, Frank, Archer, Sydney

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