Thursday, April 24, 2014

Super Bowl [Whoa!]

Yes. The title is correct - these are photos and stories from the Super Bowl back in FEBRUARY! I am just a little behind on posting and I could make excuses but to be honest the pictures have been stuck on my phone for a really loooooong time.  Last night I finally downloaded them onto the computer so be prepared for a slight overload of photos and stories from the past few months.

Back to the Super Bowl. We spent the afternoon and game time at the Klein residence with some awesome people! Frankie was loving his first Super Bowl until the noise level began to increase as the game began and then the tears started to flow. I quickly learned that I was going to be hanging out upstairs with the babe where it was a little quieter. I don't remember who was playing who or who even won but Frankie and I had a great time; he even got to meet Yoda! :-)

Watching the game with Mama!

Jedi in training

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