Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Oh the random continued...

...I think by the end of these, we are up to March!! And March was exciting!

Not sure what we were trying to feed him, maybe bananas, but Frank was clearly not impressed. 

We tried the bumbo seat too late in the game, thankfully, our dear friends the LeRoys, didn't need their floor seat at the time and allowed us to barrow it. The little man enjoyed the seat for a few weeks until he started to figure out how to move, then nothing could hold him back!

We try to keep the boys from taking each others toys but I couldn't resist Kirby's attempt to use one of Frank's balls as a head rest. It must have been a "ruff" day for the pup! :-)

Frank quickly figured out sitting and love it! 

You know he is down for a good snooze when the pacifier falls out. I love my snuggle times with my babe. I try to take advantage as much as possible since I know there will be a time when I won't have the opportunity. Kirby usually partakes in our nap time snuggles as well (he is on the couch in the photo on the right). 

When I try to take pictures of Frank, he doesn't always cooperate so I end up taking a lot of photos that look very similar! But he always tries to grab the phone or camera! I have to get creative on how to get pictures before he lunges at the phone/camera. The result during this photo op, was Frankie's first selfie. :-) Or so it appears. Also, Frank and Kirby have a special relationship, even at such a young stage in life. I love capturing little moments like this.

March began with Steve's birthday! I will admit, I forgot to plan ahead for a cake. Good thing, DQ didn't let me down. They had an America flag cake already made and ready to go. Steve thoroughly enjoyed the cake and I think the American flag made up for the fact I didn't plan ahead. :-)

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