Saturday, September 7, 2013

4 Weeks

Frankie has been with us for 4 weeks today!

Since our last update a few things have happened:
 - Steve went back to work (sad day in the Singer House)
 - Frankie, Kirby, and I have learned how to survive on our own
 - The heat & humidity were not welcome - it left us stuck in the house for a week!
 - Kirby is very protective of his "pet boy"
 - Frankie loves 'The Killers' and any music for that matter
 - Steve is learning to function on less sleep than normal

Francis B is already getting bigger (and longer) and he is becoming more alert to his surroundings. His expressions are the most fun to watch - our favorite is his Zoolander look. He likes to keep us on our toes and doesn't like to be too consistent in his nighttime sleeping. In case we were to forget that he is around, he gives us one of his pterodactyl cries. We are blessed with such a good baby!

We are continuously amazed at how well Kirby behaves around Frankie - and how he always needs to check on him. It is ridiculously adorable. However, this has caused a change in Kirby's sleeping and napping habits which leaves him exhausted. He has learned that when Frankie naps, Kirby naps. The best part of this duo is how little Frankie cares when Kirby gives him kisses or sticks his nose in his face. I envision these two causing lots of trouble together in the near future.

Steve is adjusting to being back at work and working on very little sleep. He loves coming home to an excited puppy, and (usually) a happy baby boy. Oh, he loves coming home to see me too. :-) I love to see him interact with Frankie - it melts this Mama's heart.

I am doing well and enjoying my time at home being a Mama to Frankie and Kirby. They are a joy to be around each day and both are great snugglers. It has also been nice the past couple of weeks to watch US Open tennis - I am trying to get Frankie hooked on tennis early as I know he will have quite the football (Packers) influence over his lifetime.

Here are a few photos from the past couple weeks:

Grandpa stopped by one afternoon before his drive
home to Marshall to enjoy a quick nap

One of the many faces of Frank

Snuggling with Kirby

Working on his neck muscles

Dad's home!

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