Monday, October 14, 2013


It might have been a little crazy but Steve and I decided to pack up our almost 7 week old son and head to Milwaukee. The trip was for a great reason - we wanted to introduce Frankie to some of Steve's family. Since we were going to see Nancy's side of the family, she came along for the trip as she wanted to show off her grandson to her family.

All ready to go!
Considering it was our first road trip with our son, I was quite proud of my packing skills. The only thing I over packed for the little guy was diapers. Considering the alternative, it was safer to add a few extra... Now for me on the other hand... I definitely over packed as usual.

We left home once Steve was done with work and I had managed to get the car loaded up very tetris-like which made my hubby proud. Frankie didn't nap much during the day so he crashed not long after we got going. On the way there we managed to only have two stops - both times to feed and change the little man.  It must be known that one of the stops was at a Dunkin' Donuts. 

Ready for the 2AM party!
Once we arrived at our hotel destination, Frankie was more than ready to be out of his car seat and free to move, unfortunately, it was like 11:30 PM. Nancy wanted Frankie in her room so she was able to experience his expertise at fighting sleep. Let's just say, that Nancy didn't get a whole lot of sleep on this trip as Frankie can be a little chatty when he sleeps and he knows how to work Grandma to let him stay awake longer. :-)

Introducing Frankie to Steve's Grandma and Grandpa Bach was priceless. They were so enamored with him. Steve's Grandma was in love and enjoyed singing and holding him.  Don't worry, she did relinquish her hold and gave him to Steve's Grandpa - again, he was smitten. He couldn't take his eyes off of him. Both days we were at their house with Frankie, they just loved him up! It is pretty apparent in the photos below how Frankie stole their hearts.

Pure joy.
Kathy and Fran, Steve's Aunt and Uncle, came by as well to meet the babe and Kathy quickly laid her claim to Frankie. They were inseparable. Friday evening, we went to Crabby's (Kathy & Fran's restaurant) and Kathy showed him off to everyone! It was really sweet.

Steve and I left Frankie with Nancy for a few hours and went to meet up with a couple of his friends from when he went to college in Green Bay. We wanted to go to their wedding in August but Frankie decided to be born on their wedding day. :-)

The Bach's (and Frankie)
Saturday was a special day for Steve's grandparents, not only was their great-grandson there but all of their children were there too. Vicki & Steve drove up from Green Bay with their puppies, Buck & Sadie, to meet the little man and Kathy was able to stop by for a few hours. It was a great day to have so much family together! Frankie enjoyed being passed around to everyone and Nancy enjoyed showing him off to her family.

Our drive home was fairly uneventful, except for a little detour due to a closed on-ramp. The trusty navigator, me, managed to get us back to the interstate with only a little additional time added. We made it home at a decent hour which was great and all of us were happy to sleep in our own beds.

Frankie was great for the entire trip! He loved meeting everyone and didn't mind getting passed around. His schedule was a little off but what can you expect from a 7 week old on his first road trip. Steve and I enjoyed seeing all the family and can't wait to see them again!

Full disclosure - there may be A LOT of photos:

Nothing like a good book for a road trip
I am one cool cat!

Great-Grandma Bach meeting Frankie
Great-Grandpa Bach meeting Frankie

Our family (only missing Kirby)
Aunt Kathy meeting Frankie

So sweet
Son & Mother

Kathy teaching Frankie the things only an
Aunt can teach
What are you looking at?

Frankie & Aunt Vicki
Frankie & Uncle Steve

Frankie with his Great-Grandma & Grandma
Proud Great-Grandparents


The Whole Crew!

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