Monday, October 7, 2013

Stacey Visits & More!

We were so lucky in September my dear friend Stacey made the trek to Minnesota from Wyoming. She was more than happy to escape the rain and flooding in Colorado/Wyoming for a few days and we were glad to have her!

I was happy to get some girl time. Stacey and I don't get to see each other very often so we always make the most of our short times together. We even managed to sneak in a girly movie and a little shopping. A great addition to the weekend was Stacey's mom and Harlan stopped by and met Frankie. I hadn't seen Big D since Stacey's wedding in June of 2012 and, since then, she has married and moved north. We had a little catching up to do! As if we couldn't cram more into her short visit, my parents were up babysitting the girls so we made the trip to Blaine and saw them for a few hours. My parents hadn't seen Stacey, I am guessing, since our wedding so they enjoyed catching up. Plus it is always fun to see my nieces. The girls were not too sure about Frankie but Madison really enjoyed stealing items from Frankie's car seat and diaper bag. She is such a goofball!

Although I would like to think that Stacey just came to see me, her main reason for visiting was to meet her "nephew". Frankie loved Stacey and Stacy loved Frankie! They were quite the duo. The few days she was here went too quickly and I unfortunately couldn't convince her to stay longer. Oh well, she will just have to visit again soon! (*hint*hint*)

You may be wondering where Steve was during all of this fun, well, he decided to walk three rounds of golf on that Saturday with one of his buddies. Needless to say, he was quite exhausted after that. Stacey and I were kind enough to relinquish the basement to him that night so he could enjoy a few hours of video games.

Here are a few photos I snapped during Stacey's visit:

Kirby & Frankie getting some early morning
snuggles from Stacey
We successfully assembled Frankie's swing

Stacey came with gifts - Steve loves his
"Singer Brewing Co." beer glasses!

Love her!

Ava was not happy Madison tried to
take her blanket
The girls not to sure about this whole
baby thing

What a pair!

While Stacey's visit was fabulous visit, since Frankie was born, we have been lucky enough to have other visitors as well! It has been a joy to introduce the little man to family and friends.

I (unfortunately) didn't always get pictures of Frankie with his visitors so I apologize if I forgot when you visited! You just have to come visit again! :-) But here are a few of our visitors:

Grandma loving up her grandson

Grandpa enjoying a quick nap

Heather & Dan meeting Frankie
Kevin and Ann enjoying the Sunday
football games with the little man

Hanging out with Great-Grandma

Butch & Connie snuggling up with Frankie

The Sadecki girls meeting the newest Singer

As you can see, we love visitors!

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