Monday, February 10, 2014

Baptism of Sydney & Scarlett

Steve and I are honored and blessed to be godparents to Sydney!! She is the sweet little girl of our dear friends, Nick & Andrea. Sydney also has a wonderful sister, Scarlett.

Sydney & Scarlett are about a 1.5 months younger than Frank and were born a few weeks early. Considering the pregnancy Andrea had with them, it is amazing that they spent very little time in the NICU.

Due to distance and schedules, we don't get together as often as either of us would like. However, when we do, it is lots of fun! Did I mention that they have a 2 year old as well? Plus our pup Kirby and their pup Shady!

We are so excited to forever be apart of Sydney's life; to be asked to be such an important piece of her life is amazing.

Gods blessings to Sydney & Scarlett.

Our dear friends and their
beautiful children
Sydney & Scarlett with their respective godparents
Steve & I with Sydney

The whole crew!

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