Thursday, February 20, 2014

Photo Series: 6 Months!

6 months. 26 weeks. 184 days. 4,416 hours. 264,960 minutes.

That is how long Francis Baldwin has been in our lives. While I don’t know how much of that time Steve and I have slept (probably a very small amount) we do know that it has been an amazing six months.

Now at six months, our little man can do some pretty remarkable things! Or well, as excited first time parents, they are pretty amazing achievements.
 - Sit on his own (with help getting to the sitting position)
 - Reaches for everything!
 - Everything goes in the mouth
 - Loving tummy time
 - Can roll from back to front and front to back although not very consistently. We get screams during the night and find babe on his tummy. He is confused about being there and can’t quite figure out how to get back to his back.
 - Is going to be a mover! The kid doesn’t stay still
 - Prefers to work on his standing skills
 - Loves to eat! We have tried different fruits and veggies and the kid loves them all (well, peas are not a favorite but he doesn’t spit them out!)
 - Reaches for Mom and Dad (melts our hearts)
 - Still giggles when he gets Kirby kisses

He is still growing pretty steadily. At his 6 month check up he was 16 pounds 14 ounces and 28 inches long. I had to take him in around the 5 month time frame and he was 16 pounds 5 ounces. This month we did have to move up into size 3 diapers - size 2 was getting a little snug. Still going strong at 9 month clothes but I don’t think it will last much past his 7th month.

Here are our monthly photos. We did get professional photos done as well for this milestone, I will share them soon.

Everything goes into the mouth...
Supervisor Kirby

Kirby always brings a smile

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