Thursday, July 24, 2014

Photo Series: 11 Months!!

Talk about a blur of a month! We have been keeping busy this summer which is causing me to constantly play catch up with blogging, cleaning, sleeping, etc.

Here is a quick recap of Frankie's progression to 11 months:

- Walking along furniture
- Standing without help
- Constantly moving
- Throwing balls for Kirby
- Likes giving kisses (although you need to be careful that he doesn't bite your nose...)
- Dumping out blocks/elephants/balls/etc. and then putting them back into the bucket/container/etc.
- LOVING blueberries, raspberries, and Cheerios
- Becoming more willing to try new foods (especially whatever Mom or Dad is eating)
- 5 teeth with the sixth on the way
- Was an all-star for his first hair cut
- Can be quite the chatty Cathy
- Enjoyed a few days with Grandma H in Marshall sans Mom and Dad (we have only heard good things about his stay!)
- Took him to the Omaha Zoo and he couldn't get enough of the aquarium
- He has quickened his crawling pace from fast to motoring - if you don't pay attention he is at Kirby's water dish in a flash!
- Participated in the Maple Grove Days Diaper Derby and came in 2nd. He was too enchanted with the little girl next to him to crawl toward Mama. :-)
- We have been able to spend a few different weekends with family and he loves playing with his cousins

I could go on and on but I will stop.

Steve and I had quite the time trying to get Frankie to sit, look at the camera, not grab/eat/throw the picture frame, and smile. We got 2 photos like that...I included a few of the outtakes just because. :-)

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