Sunday, October 19, 2014

1st Birthday Party!

Like any parent with a one year old, we wanted to celebrate that we made it Frankie turned 1! That first year is full of so many firsts for both baby and parents so naturally we wanted to commemorate our survival with a gathering with family and friends.

The day turned our wonderful and my makeshift decorations fit the scene perfectly. I will share that going through photos from the past year and narrowing it down to only a few was REALLY hard! Steve can attest to my struggle of wanting to print hundreds of photos and we managed to get down to much less than that. Not sure how I am going to make a photo book that is less than 100 pages...

We had a great day and Frankie even liked his cake. It is crazy how fast a year can go...enjoy a few snap-shots from the party.

Four generations of Singers

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