Sunday, October 19, 2014

Photo Series: 12 Months!

I realize that this is BEYOND late - like 2+ months late. But I want you to know that I have had this little piece written the whole time! Here is the long over-due post. 

My baby boy is one! Holy cow did that year fly by! As I was getting ready for his little birthday bash, I started looking through photos from the past year – we had a great year! We had a whole lot of firsts, lots of smiles and giggles, some of the best time with family and friends, and many special times together as our little family. It was really hard for me to not print hundreds of photos! Each one brought back really special memories. I am thankful that I have all those photos since memories can fade but those moments captured with a photo I can look back on and stir that memory back up. Now on to making a photo book...wish me luck!

This past month (similar to most months) was a whirlwind. We were getting ready for our little dude’s party as well as keep up with day-to-day activities. Frankie is always on the move. We got our fireplace “Frankie proofed” and it is one of his favorite things to climb up and down from the bench. This has helped him figure out how to climb off of things which has translated into figuring out how to go down stairs. He is still not super confident in it but I know it will come. 

Walking is still only done along furniture or holding on to someone but I am totally okay with that. Once he figures out how to walk on his own, we will be sprinting after him! Slowly Frankie is taking to eating more variety of “real food” (i.e. not pureed) which has come as a nice relief for us and a more enjoyable time for Kirby. Kirby usually enjoys portions of Frankie’s food since Frankie likes to share.

Happy Birthday little man. We love you! 

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