Sunday, January 12, 2014


While we were home over Christmas, I got the highchair out and Steve picked up some rice cereal and we got ready to give Frank his first taste of "solid food". Now, this isn't really solid food - more like milk with a little bit of rice. But, it was a big step! Especially for me. The night before we fed him his first solid food, I was having a tough time with how fast my baby was growing. Good thing I have an amazing husband to comfort me (he always knows how to make me feel better). Plus, I still have my nursing time with him which is our time that I love.

Frank was an all-star with eating rice cereal! At first he wasn't so sure but we never had any big spit ups - I call that a success. We kept feeding him until he stopped showing interest and started to get a little fussy. He made Steve and I proud parents with how he did. It also made us realize that when he is a teenager - we are going to have issues keeping enough food in the house.

Since the first time feeding, we have continued to give him rice cereal every 2-3 days. We are slowly easing into it and not forcing anything. It seems to be agreeing with the babe - and with us. Not sure when we will try other foods but for now, we will stick with cereal.

First taste
Really wants the spoon

SUCCESS! Got the spoon. 

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