Monday, January 13, 2014

Photo Series: 5 Months!

Our baby was 5 months on Friday!

This last month was full of Christmas goodness and ringing in the new year! Frank was a trooper with the holiday festivities but was happy to be home for a few days with just Mom. I should be getting those Christmas posts up here soon...

One of the exciting things we began this month was rice cereal. I was a little tentative since I couldn't believe my BABY was already getting to the point of having solid foods! To say I was having a tough time with this would be a bit of an understatement. However, he reaches for EVERYTHING and watches us eat so intently so the cues were there. We have been taking it slow (for his mamas sake) which has been nice. He eats like a champ!

As I said, he reaches for everything, loves to eat his toes, sleeps on his side, is getting ready to roll-over, and loves to stand. Not to mention that he loves to sit-up and it won't be long before he won't need help. (Wow, can this whole growing thing slow down? I feel like I am going to be saying this for the rest of his life!) He continues to amaze us with his progress. Within the past week, he has started reaching for me! Not all the time but sometimes he reaches out for me and that warms my heart. I won't lie and Steve will agree - this little boy is a mamas boy and I love it.

While he is doing great with everything, we still have tough nights of sleep but he is getting better. We also still get "power hours" every couple days. In time, I know this will all get better but it can be tough after a long day of work (for either of us) but we tag team it and it passes. Then we get our smiley giggly boy back.

Kirby and Frankie are two peas in a pod. Frankie lights up when Kirby is around and Kirby loves when he gets Frankie love. We still have to ration the Kirby kisses since Kirby would just give Frankie kisses all day if he could. Although Kirby loves his pet boy, he also cherishes his nights with Mom and Dad. He curls up right in between Steve and I in bed and continues to be a snuggle pup all night. I love it - Steve likes it until he is almost off the bed with no covers. :-)

Here some of the many photos I took this month. It was tough to get photos in the chair since he didn't want to stay sitting and he is too long to fit laying down! We made it work. The best smiles came once Steve was home - he sure loves his dad.

Looks a little rough in this photo but is
showing off his muscles

Dad comes home and out come the smiles!

Kirby was over the photo session

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  1. He is so stinkin' cute, I want to eat him up! :)