Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Start of 2014

While 2013 was a wonderful year for this Singer family, 2014 is going to be a fantastic year!

Reflecting on 2013, we were very blessed in so many ways throughout the entire year. It is crazy how much happened - especially since August! While there were some very hard and challenging times during the year, we are better and stronger because of them. In this house, we focus on the positive since life is too short to dwell on the negative!

2014 is starting out with an awesome change! Steve decided to move to the banking world to be a Corporate Tax Specialist. It is such a great opportunity for him and we are all excited about it! This will be the first tax season in over 5 years that neither Steve nor I will be in public accounting - it is going to be odd/great to actually spend time together over the winter months.

Keep checking back for more updates on life in the Singer House!

Oh, and I will get photos and stories from Christmas posted here soon. :-)

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