Sunday, June 22, 2014

Life is moving too quickly

As I have been re-tracing and re-remembering events and photos it continues to amaze me with how quickly time is moving. And how quickly our little dude is growing. Many of these photos are from just a few short months ago when standing and crawling were so new. Now we are chasing as the little dude cruises easily toward Kirby's water dish or any other item he was to explore. Here is a flashback to wonderful moments from the past few months - I will now try to be more regular in posting photos and stories. With summer upon us and many exciting events taking place, I ensure you that my camera/phone will be close at hand. 

Playtime with Jen

Snuggles with Mom

This is normal for when I get home from work
Toilet paper is a great way to practice standing

My puppy
Gotta love camo

Kisses are Kirby's defense mechanism 
Some days are tough
Checking out the baby lambs with Grandma at Runnings

Running with Mom

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