Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Surprise! Party.

This is a little behind, but during the month of March Frankie got to experience his first surprise party and hibachi grill all at once! Steve and I were slightly concerned about this since the party was in St. Cloud on a Friday night and we haven't had much experience with Frankie in restaurants. We managed to make the timing work with feeding, etc. and got to the restaurant early (which is amazing for us getting off work, traffic, driving, a baby, etc.).

The surprise was a success! Dan had no idea and a great group of his close friends enjoyed a delicious hibachi grill. Frankie wasn't a huge fan of everyone yelling surprise - he started screaming. However, that was the most upset he got the whole evening and he was fine after a moment. His favorite was when the hibachi grillers started the grills on fire, the kid loved it! He just stared. Well, the fire and the plates; he entertained himself with the plates for a while.

We couldn't stay for the full evening but were able to celebrate for a short while. Frankie wanted to stay and party but was getting quite sleepy - he quickly crashed on our drive home. It was such a fun time and even though we were a little anxious about the evening, it turned out to be so wonderful. Our little man surprised us and handled the new, loud, crazy environment like a champ.

The guest if honor & his beautiful fiance!

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