Sunday, June 22, 2014

Trip to Marshall

Almost 3-4 months ago now (wow! I am a little behind on photos and stories...) Frankie and I made the trip to Marshall. We were looking forward to a weekend with my parents and my both my brothers and their kids. It was a full house!

I am so thankful that Frankie does well in the car since the normal 2.5-3 hour drive to Marshall took 4 hours! In certain spots, the roads were like ice rinks. I was happy to be driving the truck in case anything should have happened. Nothing did and we made it safely to Marshall - Frankie didn't wake up until we were driving into town! That extra hour could have been bad if he was awake and unhappy.

The entire weekend was a great time for all the kids to spend time together. Frankie enjoyed his cousins and when the boys went out for their banquet he enjoyed his girl time. :-) He wasn't quite crawling at this point (which is hard to remember since he is cruising around now) but the girls were trying to help teach him. Sophie liked to help take care of him and love him up! She was even a great helper with diaper changes.

Us girls did manage to sneak out and do a little shopping since we would be hanging with all the kiddos on Saturday night. But it didn't last too long before we were summoned back...not sure the exact reason we needed to come home since no one was having a meltdown but we kindly obliged.

It was a quick weekend home but well worth it - something about going home is just so nice. If only we could make it happen more frequently. I also managed to survive the nights with just me - Frankie cooperated fairly well but I was thankful to return home and have a partner for those middle of the night bouts of unhappiness.

Cousin time in the playroom! 

Watching the girls dance with Grandma

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