Sunday, June 22, 2014

Photo Series: 10 Months!

Cruising, standing, teething, giggling, exploring, talking, climbing, and these are only a few of the things we are busy with this past month! Our little dude has 3 teeth and more coming. The past few days have been rough on the teething front and hopefully this next one pops through soon. It is not fun seeing my little man so uncomfortable.

Frankie has developed such mischievous tendencies: always going for Kirby's water dish, the stairs, the carbon monoxide detector and the blinds on the patio to just name a few. This week Steve and Jim got the fabric put on the fireplace and as soon as he could, Frankie was climbing on it! He is quite quick on the stairs as well - after one day of finally showing interest in them, we had to put the gates up since he was getting too quick.

We have explored the world of water tables and both boys love it. Frankie loves splashing and Kirby loves his new giant water dish. On warm days/evenings, it is a great escape for both boys. When we aren't spending the evening at the water table, we tend to get out for nice walks (or runs). I have been adventuresome in trying to go running with both boys - it has been a learning experience to say the least but also fun to get out there with both of my boys.

In other news, Frankie is slowly becoming more willing to try new foods. Graham crackers are a favorite, along with Cheerios and raspberries/strawberries.

At the beginning I mentioned talking, I use that term loosely.  He talks but it is still mostly babbling. For a while he favorite was "ma-ma" which totally melted my heart but then after a few days we move onto a new sound. Don't worry, "da-da" has been spoken fairly frequently too but so far these have only lasted a few days before he tries to conquer a new sound.

Steve and I couldn't be more excited with how our little dude is growing (and he is getting long!) and learning. Crazy that it has almost been a year since he made his grand entrance!

Our photo sessions are getting harder and more involved, it takes at least 2 of us and Kirby to get smiles and good photos. Not sure how next month is going to go!


Dad is a great ladder

Kirby & Frankie have minimal personal space
from each other

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